• Commercial Cleaning + Janitorial

    Blumont is proud to provide Utah with the highest-quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services available in the state. Find out why we are Utah’s new standard in clean.

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  • Post-Construction Cleanup

    We have the experience and resources to handle any size construction cleanup project, in all phases – from rough to final clean. When the dust settles, you can count on Blumont.

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  • Special Event Cleaning

    Whether it’s a special event or a unique one-time cleaning, Blumont’s comprehensive services can meet your needs. Some buildings or projects only require annual, seasonal, or periodic attention. No matter what it is, Blumont can help.

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  • Residential Cleaning

    Home is where the heart is. Since we are locally owned and operated, our team is able to provide homeowners with a truly bespoke experience. Friendly. Trustworthy. Detailed. Because you’re not just our client – you’re our neighbor!

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  • Commercial

    When it comes to commercial space, tenants have a very high standard. Clean, organized workspaces are integral to their success. Whether you have a small office building or a multi-building corporate campus, Blumont is able to provide you and your tenants the highest-quality work.

  • Residential

    Your home is your sanctuary. Our cleaners are not only meticulous in their work, they are friendly and trustworthy as well. They pass stringent background checks and go through regular training to ensure that your home is exactly as you want it. Our precise, effective cleaning methods enhance your residents’ living conditions—and preserve your property’s longevity, saving you money over time.

  • Educational

    Blumont cares deeply about giving students and the best possible opportunity for success. We do that by providing your school with facilities that are both clean and comfortable. Why? Because students learn best, and teachers teach best, when their classrooms and grounds are clean, orderly, and calm.

  • Healthcare

    Your healthcare facility must be sterile and secure to protect the well-being of your patients and caregivers. Through fast, effective cleaning, our exceptional teams ensure that hospitals, clinics, and the like maintain the best possible physical environment—without disruption your patient care or workflow. Our services also increase the longevity of your equipment and facilities.

  • Retail

    You want your customers to have the greatest experience possible—and that starts with your store. RBM Services understands the precise attention to detail that a retail space needs. Our efficient, top-of-the-line cleaning methods and commitment to excellence meet your retail cleaning needs, uphold the high standards you set for your store, and maximize your maintenance budget.

  • Warehouse

    At Blumont, we understand that w arehouses and logistic centers must be organized, secure, and clean so that both people and products remain safe and uncontaminated. We have the flexibility and resources to guarantee that your facilities receive the best of care. Our mission is two-fold: support your objective by keeping your spaces in premium shape, and give you the best services for your budgeted dollar.

  • Manufacturing

    Clean and orderly facilities. Immaculate workspaces that forestall injury and enhance output. Our manufacturing and industrial clients trust us to help them maintain the productivity and safety of their businesses, so that their employees can securely work at maximum capacity. Furthermore, Blumont completes cleaning duties without disrupting staff or interrupting production in any way.

  • Events

    At Blumont, we know your success depends on creating unforgettable experiences for your guests, from the grounds on up. Our specialized teams keep your property and reputation spotless, while meeting the unique needs of your venue. Blumont’s professional workforce maintain your high standards to ensure your guests’ quick and repeated return.

  • Hospitality

    Your guests want one thing above all else: a clean, welcoming place to rest. That’s what brings them back to you. Blumont Building Services keeps your facilities immaculate, so that your guests fall in love with your hotel the moment they walk through the door. From the lobby to the master suite, Blumont can service your hotel without inconveniencing your employees or your guests.